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Micro Mini Pigs

Welcome to the Puny Porkers web site!

New litter of piglets!
See Piglets available page for more details.


For Sale

Choncho: A 5-year-old spotted boar
Andre: A 2-1/2 year-old silver & white boar
Ava: A 5-year-old black & white sow
Ginger: A 3-year-old multi-colored spotted sow

I would like to sell these as a group or as pairs. Please call or email for details. See the Contact Us page for that info.

           Ginger                            Ava

Andre & Choncho

About Us
We raise and sell micro miniature pigs to be house pets. Because they are intelligent by nature, micro mini pigs (a.k.a teacup pigs) are adaptable and trainable. Let one of our happy, healthy pigs become a welcome addition to your family.

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